How to Work out Your Abs While Pregnant1



Use pillows to prop yourself up.,
Prepare to do a gentle ab workout two to three times a week.,
Do heel slides.,
Try alternating heel drops.,
Practice double heel drops.

Prepare for your ab workout by laying down an exercise mat and using a pillow or several pillows to prop yourself up so you are lying on your back and your upper body is supported by the pillows and your elbows.The idea is to keep your heart above your navel so you do not put undue stress on your organs, especially when you are carrying extra weight due to pregnancy.;
, Because you are going to be doing gentle, simple movements to strengthen your abs, plan to do your workout routine a few times a week. Set aside time in your day to focus on building your core so your body can better support your baby.However, do not overwork the abs as this could result in injury or fatigue of the very important core muscles during pregnancy.

, Ease into your exercise routine with heel slides, which are simple movements that work your abs without putting too much stress on your body.Start by lying on your back, with your upper body propped up with pillows and your elbows. Bend your knees so your feet are flat on the mat.
Contract your abdominal muscles by tucking your chin and squeezing your abdominal area. Slide your right heel forward so your leg lies straight on the mat. Then, move it back slowly so it is bent again. Repeat this with your left heel, breathing out as you straighten your leg and breathing in as you bend your leg.
Do 15-20 reps on each leg, inhaling and exhaling for each movement. You should also do a kegel with every movement, squeezing your pelvic area as you slide each heel., Once you feel comfortable with heel slides, move on to alternating heel drops. Set yourself up by lying on your back, propped up by pillows and your elbows. Bend your legs and place your feet flat on the exercise mat.Contract your abdominal muscles and do a kegel as you lift both bent legs off the mat.
Slowly lower your right leg so your heel touches the mat. Then, lift it back up off the mat. Make sure you squeeze your abdominal muscles as you lower and lift your heel. Breath out as you lower your leg and breath in as you lift your leg back up.
Repeat this movement with your left leg, squeezing your abdominal muscles as you lower your heel to the mat and then lift your heel back up.
Try to do 15-20 reps on each leg, breathing in and out for each movement. Take your time with this exercise, as it is more challenging than the heel slides exercise.

, Begin on your back, propped up by your elbows and pillows, with bent legs and your feet flat on the mat. Squeezing your abdominal muscles and do a kegel.Slowly lift both legs off the mat so they form a 90 degree angle. Breathe out as you lower both legs back down to the mat so your heels touch the mat.
Inhale as you lift both legs off the mat again and exhale as both heels touch the mat. Continue to do these movements, being sure to activate your abdominal muscles and breathing slowly and evenly.
Do 10-12 reps of these exercises, as these are more challenging than the previous exercises.

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