How to Use Mood Stabilizers During Pregnancy5



Get regular therapy.,
Start postpartum counseling.,
Maintain a healthy lifestyle.,
Talk to family and friends.

Therapy is important to the treatment of bipolar disorder to manage symptoms and deal with the problems that it causes in your life.It can be especially helpful during your pregnancy to manage your changes in mood. If you don’t have a regular therapist, now is a good time to get one.

To find a therapist call your insurance provider, local mental health clinic, or current physician for a referral. You can also ask a friend for a referral. For more information, check out How to Find a Good Psychologist.

, During pregnancy, begin counseling to guide treatments once the baby is delivered. Counseling should include highlighting the importance of sleep, the risks and benefits of breastfeeding, and getting support from friends and family.Sleep is an especially important factor, as disruptions in sleep can trigger bipolar episodes.Find a babysitter or nanny to help you care for your baby so that you can get adequate sleep.

, Take care of yourself by eating healthy foods, lightly exercising, managing stress, and getting good sleep each night.Remember that it’s important to maintain good health for both you and your developing baby.

Check with your provider about what foods to eat and how to exercise. Make sure all of your choices are healthy for both you and baby.

, Having good support from family and friends is important for overall mental health. Make sure you have people you can talk to during your pregnancy.Having proper social support can help you manage bipolar disorder and help you feel supported.

Reach out to people who love you and support you. You can also join a support group to make new friends, share your experiences, and give and receive advice.

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