How to Use Mood Stabilizers During Pregnancy3



Use the minimum effective dose.Speak with your prescriber about adjusting your current dose of medication.,
Increase monitoring.,
Avoid changing effective medications if possible.

You want to reduce the risks for your developing baby but also keep yourself safe and stable. Consider safely adjusting your doses over time with your prescriber.

Always consult with your provider when making changes.Do not adjust medications on your own as this can lead to adverse side-effects than can affect your mental health and your developing baby’s wellness.

, While you may see your psychiatrist once each month, you may now begin to see them more frequently. You will need to monitor not only your own health and response to medication but also your developing baby’s response.Keep in mind that pregnancy may affect the way that your medications work.

Make regular appointments with your psychiatrist as well as your obstetrician. Let your obstetrician know that you are on medications and need extra monitoring.

, It can be challenging to switch medications entirely, so if your current medications work well, approach any major changes with caution and proper monitoring.In some cases, it may be necessary to adjust medications for the safety of your developing baby. If so, report any changes to your psychiatrist and/or obstetrician immediately.

Carefully consider your options and remember that you have a right to make a choice regarding what you think is best.

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