How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow3



Choose a pillow with hollow fiber filling or polystyrene foam.,
Try a lightweight pillow.,
Go for a supportive pillow.,
Try a body conforming pillow.,
Choose a pillow with a removable cover.,
Take note of the size.,
Try a firm pillow.

Both of these fillings are hypoallergenic, as well as water- and smell-resistant. These fillings are also washer-friendly, and they keep their form.Just remember, whatever pillow you choose, make sure it can support your weight and will not lose its shape throughout your pregnancy.

, Pregnancy pillows filled with styrofoam balls are very lightweight. Additionally, the balls allow the pillow to conform to your body easily. One drawback is the noise the filling makes as you move around. The noise is similar to the one a beanbag makes when you lay on it.This filling is typically found in cheaper pregnancy pillows.

, Pillows made with microbead filling are more supportive than the ones with Styrofoam ball filling. They are also very lightweight and do not make noise as you move around., Pillows filled with memory foam conform to your body and hold their shape very well. However, memory foam is not very breathable. Consequently, these pillows can become very hot as you sleep throughout the night., Pillows with removable covers are great because they make keeping your pillow clean very easy. All you need to do is remove the cover and wash it per the instructions on the tag. Look for pillows with zip or slip on covers.If the pillow you like does not have a removable cover, then make sure it is machine washable and can fit inside your washing machine.

, If you are taller than the average woman, look into getting a pillow that is 8 to 11 feet (250 to 350 cm) long. If you are average height, then get a pillow that is 5 to 6 feet (160 to 170 cm) long. The size of the pillow you want will also depend on the size of your bed and your personal preference.For example, if you have a small or mid-sized bed, make sure to get a pillow that is not too big for your bed.
The length of the pillow can also be affected by style; for example, U-shaped pillows tend to be longer than the other types of pillows.

, Although it may be tempting to get a soft pillow, it is recommended that you get a pillow that is at least slightly firm. A firmer pillow will provide more support and keep its shape longer. It may be uncomfortable at first, but over time you will get used to it.

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