How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow1



Select a wedge-shaped pillow.,
Try a U-shaped pillow.,
Opt for a C-shaped pillow.,
Select a J-shaped pillow.,
Try a full-length pillow.

Use wedge-shaped pillows to prop your head or back while sitting or reclining or to support your back or belly while lying on your side. You can even use wedge-shaped pillows to prop a hot water bottle up against your back.Wedge-shaped pillows are convenient because they are small and easily portable. However, because they are small, you will still need to use a regular pillow for your head.
Choose from a crescent-shaped or triangular-shaped wedge pillow.;
, Use a U-shaped pillow to support your whole body from your head and neck to your back, belly, knees, and ankles. This pillow is great for women who are used to sleeping on their back. It is also convenient for women who toss and turn during the night since you do not need to readjust the pillow.The U-shaped pillow is typically the most expensive pregnancy pillow. It is also the biggest pregnancy pillow. So if you have a small bed, look into getting a smaller pillow.

, C-shaped pillows are smaller than the U-shaped ones, so they are great if you have a mid-sized bed. These pillows provide support for your head, neck, back, and pelvic area. They are great for relieving pelvic tension and reducing water retention in your legs and ankles.The only drawback is that you will need to adjust the pillow throughout the night as you switch sides.
This pillow shape is also recommended for plus-size women since its asymmetrical shape allows you to shape the pillow in a variety of ways., The J-shaped pillow is similar to the U-shaped pillow, only smaller and without the extra side. So if you have a mid-sized bed, look into this pillow. This pillow is great for head, neck, and back support., Also known as I-shaped pillows, these pillows are straight and run along the length of your body. They look like regular pillows, only longer. You can wrap your arms and legs around them. However, they do not provide much back support.Flexible versions of the full-length pillow are available as well. The flexible ones bend and conform to your body, but they are generally more expensive.

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