How to Treat Breast Cancer During Pregnancy3



Get hormone therapy once you have given birth.,
Discuss targeted therapy with your doctor for after you give birth.,
Focus on your health and the health of your baby.

Hormone therapy is often used to treat advanced breast cancer in women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer. But it can put your baby at risk and should only be used after you have given birth. Hormone therapy requires the use of drugs like tamoxifen, anastrozole, letrozole, and exemestane.Speak to your doctor about this option for right after you give birth to treat the cancer. Your doctor may recommend that you get hormone therapy after you have had breast-conserving surgery and you have given birth.

, Women who have hormone receptor positive breast cancer can benefit from the use of targeted therapy, where specific drugs are given to treat this type of breast cancer. However, it has been shown that these drugs are currently not safe for use by pregnant women as they can negatively affect the fetus. Speak to your doctor about using this therapy right after you have given birth so you can still get treated for your breast cancer effectively.If you get breast-conserving surgery, your doctor may recommend doing targeted therapy once you have given birth.

, As you try different treatments for your breast cancer, try to stay focused on what is best health wise for you and your baby. Remain healthy while pregnant so your baby has the best chance of being unaffected by the breast cancer. Eat healthy while pregnant and get enough rest. Release any stress or tension you may be feeling by leaning on a support group of family and friends.

You can also work on cultivating positive thoughts so you can have a positive outlook on your situation. Try saying positive affirmations every morning like “I will beat my cancer” or “I will stay healthy and strong for myself and my baby.”

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