How to Treat Asthma During Pregnancy1



Monitor asthma monthly.,
Identify and avoid asthma triggers.,
Learn all you can about your condition.

Aside from pharmacological treatments, there are three major principles to maternal asthma control. These are regular, objective monitoring, identifying and avoiding asthma triggers, and patient education. Visit your doctor or specialist once per month for a routine monitoring.Each evaluation should include an explanation of recent symptoms, including symptom frequency, nocturnal asthma, interference with activities, exacerbations, and/or medication use.
Additionally, evaluations should assess lung auscultation and pulmonary function.
Your doctor may also perform an ultrasound to monitor fetal activity and growth.;
, If you have never been tested, a prick skin test or in vitro test (RAST or ELISA) may be performed to determine your sensitivity to certain allergens. If you smoke, you should quit right away. Also, avoid any place with tobacco smoke or other irritants.If you are already using immunotherapy to control allergies, it is safe to continue doing so during pregnancy.
However, it is not recommended to begin an immunotherapy regimen while pregnant.

, Patient education is the third strand of effective maternal asthma control. Studies show that patients with access to education about their condition(s) better understand the risks and treatments. Work to understand all that you can, every step of the way. If something doesn’t make sense to you, speak to your doctor (or doctors) and ask questions until you feel secure.For example, you might ask, “What is this exam testing for?”
You might ask, “How does this medication work?”
You might ask, “How can I avoid allergens in my home?”

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