How to Test for Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy2



Take a look at your abdomen.,
Set up an appointment with your doctor.,
Know that your doctor will double check that you are not experiencing another condition.,
Understand that diastasis recti can lead to other conditions.

If you have a vertical prominent piece of tissue (like a crest or a ridge) which begins just below your sternum (which is the breastbone) and continues, in most cases, until the umbilicus, this might be the first sign of this condition.

If this ridge is more visible when you are stretching your abdominal muscles than it is very probable that you have diastasis recti.
When your abdomen is relaxed, and your muscles are not contracted, you may not see any signs of this condition.

, If you see the previously mentioned ridge, it is important to go see your doctor so that he or she can confirm the diagnosis.

, Your doctor will check to make sure that you are not actually experiencing umbilical hernias or epigastric hernias, which can cause a similar formation to occur.

The difference, however, is that these two conditions will form a round structure or structures in the abdomen, while diastasis recti creates a straighter line.
These hernias also often create pain, while diastasis recti symptoms generally do not include pain.

, Another reason that your doctor may check for hernias is because diastasis recti can actually lead to the development of umbilical or epigastric hernias.

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