How to Tell Your Husband That You Are Pregnant2



Deliver the news in a memorable place.,
Write him a love poem that tells him you’re pregnant.,
Tell him in a romantic restaurant.

Find a place that is meaningful to both of you. Tell him to accompany you there in the evening, and say that you should both dress up, even if the place isn’t particularly fancy. Here’s what you should do once you get there:

Hold his hands and look into his eyes.
Tell him why you love the special place you brought him to, whether it’s where you had your first date, where you fell in love, or where you shared your first kiss. Tell him that you can’t wait to share so many more memories with him.
Say, “We’re pregnant.”

, If you’re the romantic type and are known for writing loving letters and poems, then writing a poem that tells your husband you’re pregnant won’t be a stretch. Here’s how you can deliver the poem:

Have a romantic evening in or even go out to your favorite dimly-lit restaurant. Then share your message with him.
Give him the poem and say, “There’s something I want you to read.”
Wait for his eyes to fill with tears as he reacts.

, Find the most romantic restaurant in town, and give him the news there. After you’ve had some time to relax and have a great conversation, you can deliver the big news. Here’s how you can do it:

Talk to the restaurant in advance to ask to have a slice of cake with “congratulations” written on it. When he asks you why he’s being congratulated, you can look confused and wait for him to figure it out.
Give him a romantic card that tells him how you feel. Have him flip it over to the back, where you’ve written the big news.

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