How to Tell Your Husband That You Are Pregnant1



Deliver the news by literally putting a bun in the oven.,
Give him your pregnancy test as a gift.,
Surprise him with Daddy gear.,
Deliver the news by parking in a maternity parking spot.

When your husband steps out of the house, place a hamburger, hot dog, or just an ordinary bun in the oven. Whatever you use, make sure anyone can see that it’s a bun.

When your husband gets home, tell him that the oven is making a funny noise or that you can’t get it to work.
He’ll open the oven and will be initially confused by the bun there.
Stand near him and wait for him to understand that you have a bun in the oven too!;
, Wrap up the gift and put a big bow on it. Even if there’s no occasion for it, sit your husband down, and make sure you have all of his attention.

Say, “There’s something I’ve been meaning to give you. Actually, it’s already yours.”
When he sees the pregnancy test, he’ll know what it means!

, Giving your husband anything with “Daddy” on it will get the point across loud and clear. It can be a lot of fun to give him a small gift that lets him know he will be a father, even if it takes a minute to figure out what you mean. Here are some things you can do:

If he’s cooking or grilling, you can buy a “Daddy” apron and tie it around him. See how long it takes for him to look down and see what it says.
Get a “#1 Dad” mug and serve his morning coffee in it. See how long it takes for him to notice the writing.
Just get him a T-shirt that says “Proud Daddy.” If you really want to be playful, you can ask him to fold your laundry or hang out while you fold your laundry and wait for him to notice the new shirt at the top of the pile.
You can also give him a baby shirt or jumper that says “I love my Daddy.” He may be confused for a second but will know exactly what it means.
If you normally hang up your laundry to dry, hang up some baby clothes in a prominent place and wait for him to ask what’s going on.
Buy a pair of baby shoes and give him the box. Tell him that you got him the most perfect shoes and wait for him to open it.
You can also buy a pair of baby shoes and place them near your normal shoes and wait for him to notice them.

, This will only work if there are grocery or convenience stores in your neighborhood that have spots especially designed for expecting mothers. Once you’ve found the spot, it’s time to get to work.

Ask your husband to take a quick trip to the grocery store with you.
Make sure you grab the keys and get in the driver’s seat. If you almost always let him drive and he questions what you’re doing, just say, “I just feel like driving.”
Drive to the location and ease into the parking spot.
Get out of the car like what you’re doing is perfectly natural (after all, it is!).
Wait for him to stop you and say, “Honey, you can’t park there.”
Give him a big grin and say, “Oh, yes I can!”

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