How to Tell Your Grandparents You’re Pregnant3



Utilize social media.,
Send a greeting card.,
Make a phone call.

Revealing a pregnancy with a clever photo or social media post will get everyone’s attention. Though your grandparents may not be avid social media users, many people in the older generations do use it to keep tabs on friends and family. If you are worried that they may not catch it on their news feed, you can send the picture to them in a private message.Another way to use social media would be to send your grandparents an ultrasound picture.

, Greeting cards are a great way to share your big news. When your grandparents get it in the mail, they will almost certainly call you. This can be a big surprise around the holidays when they are used to getting cards anyway., One of the easiest ways to tell your grandparents that you’re expecting a little one is to call them. Try to catch them in the evening or another time that they aren’t likely to be busy. Set aside time to talk to them about the news, they may have questions or congratulations to offer.

For example, you could say something like, “I wanted be the one to call and tell you, you are going to be great grandparents.”

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