How to Tell Your Grandparents You’re Pregnant1



Meet for dinner.,
Throw a party.,
Wait for a holiday.

Telling close relatives in person that you are pregnant can be really exciting. Take your grandparents out for a meal at their favorite restaurant. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and enjoy getting to celebrate your big news together., Invite your grandparents over for a party at your home and make your announcement to them while all of your family is together. With an advanced ultrasound or gender blood test, you could also reveal the baby’s gender.Decorate with baby-related decorations. This can help set the tone for the conversation. It makes breaking the news to your grandparents particularly easy if you’re nervous or don’t know what to say. This way, your grandparents are likely to just ask you about it.For example, you could have a diaper cake, bottles, pacifiers, baby clothes, etc. out where people can see them.

, Family holidays can be a great time to announce your pregnancy. If your announcement will happen near a big holiday anyway, hold off until you meet up with your grandparents for the holiday. Announce your pregnancy to them at dinner, or in private during the visit.

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