How to Tell Your Family You’re Pregnant2



Try a custom puzzle.,
Use dessert.,
Drop hints with books and movies.,
Address cards to “Grandma and Grandpa.”,
Use a calendar.,
Bring balloons.,
Say it big.

At craft stores, you can buy blank puzzles. Paint or write the message that you’re pregnant on the puzzle, then have your family put it together., Spell out the fact that you’re pregnant on a cake or with cookies. You can even do it on pie. You could write, “We’re pregnant!” or “We’re expecting!” Just wait until the last moment to take the lid off so it’s a surprise., Try leaving books that are pregnancy-themed around your family’s house. If you don’t live nearby, you can try sending the books or movies to them instead.

Some ones to try are What to Expect When You’re Expecting (book) or Knocked Up (movie).

, One way to tell your parents is to send cards to them addressing them in their new role. This works especially well if it is on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.This suggestion works even better if you write the card as if it were from the baby.You can also send cards to new aunts and uncles., Print out a calendar that has your due date on it. Circle your due date on it, and include a message about the arrival of your new little one.

, At your next big family event, bring a big bunch of pink and blue balloons. Hand them out to people, and ask them to guess what the baby will be.

, Try making the announcement through a big sign. For instance, sometimes you can get ballparks to put the announcement up or a favorite restaurant you frequent to put it on the company’s sign out front. You could also have signs made for your family’s yards, so they see the announcement in a big way.

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