How to Tell Your Family You’re Pregnant1



Take a picture with baby shoes.,
Try a digital pregnancy test.,
Use a copy of the first sonogram.,
Put siblings in t-shirts.,
Use a pun.

One way to make the announcement is to use tiny baby shoes. You don’t even need to include text. The shoes pretty much say it all.

If you want to include some text, you could include something like “Due in October 2016.”;
, Digital tests actually say the word “pregnant” on the test. What’s nice about that is you can take a picture of it to share with your family on social media., One way to announce your pregnancy is to take a picture or make a copy the sonogram. You can send it by mail to your family members. You can also post it on social media or send it by email., If you already have kids, you can use them to make the announcement. You have many fun options available to you when it comes to t-shirts. The shirt could say things like “I’m going to be a big brother!” or “I’m number 1! Number 2 is coming!” You can also put shirts on your pets, as well. Take a picture of your kid or pet, and send it out to your family., For instance, you could make a picture that depicts “Ice, ice, baby” from Vanilla Ice’s song. Just hold up to bags of ice and point to your pregnant belly. Another way to use this method is to buy jar of Prego sauce to make the announcement, as “preggo” or “preggers” is slang for being pregnant. Take pictures with the announcement, and send it out to your family. It could be something as simple as taping an “I’m” above the “Prego” on the jar.

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