How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant



Research your company’s pregnancy and maternity leave policies before you announce your pregnancy.,
Consider your options concerning the number of weeks of maternity leave you will take and whether you plan to return to work after the baby is born.,
Announce your pregnancy to your immediate supervisor or boss before you tell other coworkers–out of respect.,
Present your plans regarding maternity leave and suggest solutions for handling the work in your absence.,
Confirm any schedule changes and other work arrangements in writing.

Consult federal and state requirements regarding medical leave.

Pose any questions you may have about the policy to your company’s human resources director. If you don’t have a human resources director, turn to the business manager or the person that handles insurance and benefits information for employees.;
, It’s important to make some plans ahead of time before announcing your pregnancy.

Assess how long you can manage to take off without getting paid if you’re considering taking a period of unpaid leave.

, Approach him or her when you are both free of distractions and have some time to talk.

Timing is important when you tell your boss you’re pregnant. Don’t wait until you or your boss are on a work deadline, about to go into a meeting or are preparing to leave for the day.
Remain positive and upbeat about your job when you announce your pregnancy. Discuss the situation in a professional manner and emphasize that your absence will only be temporary (if those are your plans).


Be sure to discuss work arrangements, such as the possibility of working part-time from home during the latter part of your pregnancy or during some of your maternity leave.
Get permission to arrange your work hours so you are the most productive you can be during the latter stages of your pregnancy. For example, some women find it helpful to arrange for a longer lunch break so they can nap in the afternoon. A longer lunch break may push your shift end time to later in the day.

, Include any added or reduced responsibilities, hours and your plans for maternity leave. Make sure a copy of the agreement is added to your file at human resources.

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