How to Tell if Someone is Pregnant1



Look for a change in clothing.,
Listen when she discusses her eating habits.,
Look for signs of nausea.,
Pay attention to complaints about pain or discomfort.,
Keep an eye on her behavior.,
Take note when she discusses her sleep patterns.,
Ask about her plans for the future.

Early on in a pregnancy, many women begin wearing baggy clothes or clothing that looks like it could hide a “bump.” As their belly grows, many women also need to buy maternity pants or clothing in a larger size. If you notice that she is wearing unusual clothing for her normal style or she is shopping for outfits in larger sizes, it could be because she is expecting., Many pregnant women experience changes in appetite as well as changes in the types of foods they want to eat. Because of this, paying attention to her complaints or comments about food can help determine if she’s pregnant:Cravings: Not all pregnant women experience this, but some women find that they want to eat strange combinations of food (like pickles and ice cream) or that they only want to eat one type of food (like citrus foods or Chinese food). Pay attention when she talks about what she feels like eating!
Food aversions: Many pregnant women experience the sudden onset of food issues with a particular type of food they never had a problem with before. If you know she loves sushi and suddenly even the thought of fish turns her stomach, she might be pregnant.
Hydration: Staying hydrated is essential to delivering vital nutrients to a fetus, so many pregnant women are careful to ensure they drink enough water. A pregnant woman may show a sudden preoccupation with making sure she is hydrated and/or start carrying around a water bottle.

, Along with changing eating habits, many pregnant women experience nausea called “morning sickness” in the early months of pregnancy. This could be the cause of some alterations in her diet, like if she’s eating just crackers, but it can also happen unrelated to eating. Many women feel sick throughout the day and not just in the morning as the name suggests, so be sure to pay attention to any signs of nausea or vomiting. To help you distinguish this symptom from regular indigestion or the flu, morning sickness will be intense and last longer than the typical flu period of only a few days., Pregnancy causes all sorts of changes, and this leads to soreness and aching throughout the body. If you hear her suddenly talking about lower back pain and headaches or dizziness, it could be associated with pregnancy.When she comments on any pain or soreness, try following up by asking how they hurt themselves or if they are active in any sports and see what they say. For example:

“Oh no! How long has your back been hurting?”
“I heard you say earlier that you’ve been feeling lightheaded lately, have you been getting dizzy like that for a while?”

, In addition to physical changes, many pregnant women also exhibit changes in behavior or routine. Try observing the person you think may be pregnant and see if you notice any of the following behaviors:

Using the bathroom more frequently than usual can indicate pregnancy. This is because changes in hormones and the pressure of the growing fetus on other organs can cause constipation, increased urination, and vomiting.Mood swings are common in pregnant women because fluctuating levels of hormones can cause fatigue and spikes in a variety of emotions (like being really happy one moment and then crying uncontrollably for seemingly no reason)., Being exhausted is an extremely common complaint in pregnant women, especially in the first trimester. If you observe any of the following, it could be because she is pregnant:She is noticeably too tired to keep up with everyday activities.
She talks a lot about being exhausted or feeling “completely wiped out.”
You find her napping often or at odd times (like when she is on the job or at school).

, A subtle way of determining whether or not a woman is pregnant is to ask her about any upcoming plans. Because a typical pregnancy lasts nine months, asking about plans that would fall around that time period can help you figure out if she is pregnant now. If she is pregnant, she will be too far along in the third trimester to travel, so try asking if she’d be interested in a trip in a couple of months. You could also ask her if she has any plans for the summer, and see if she lets it slip that she will be decorating a nursery!

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