How to Tell How Pregnant You Are3



Note whether your waist is growing.,
Pay attention to food cravings.,
Keep track of emotional mood swings.,
View your skin start to change.,
Notice whether your morning sickness appears to be less frequent.,
Visit your doctor, if you have not already.

By the ninth week, your pants should start getting tighter, if they haven’t already.

Consider measuring your waistline with a measuring tape in order to chart your growth.

, Even during morning sickness, around week 9 or 10, you may have food aversions or cravings regularly.

, Hormones have been changing throughout the process, but they may be more noticeable as you approach your second trimester.

, Many women will find dark patches on their body and face. This is a normal sign of hormonal changes.

, This is usually a sign you are approaching your second trimester. At 12 weeks, you can expect to be hungry more often.

Many women find that as morning sickness goes away, they experience some heartburn.

, Other symptoms, like frequent urination, weight gain and discomfort depending upon the person as much as the stage of pregnancy.

Your doctor can guide you through the normal phases of pregnancy during the second and third trimesters.

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