How to Tell How Pregnant You Are2



Take a pregnancy test.,
Beware of morning sickness.,
Expect fatigue.,
Note if you have missed your period.

Approximately 5 to 8 weeks after pregnancy, your hormones should ensure a positive result.

Doctors usually prefer that you wait 8 to 12 weeks to be tested at the doctor’s office.

, Most women start to report nausea and vomiting between week 5 and week 7. It can last a few weeks or several months.

Doctors recommend that you avoid foods with strong odors and eat many small meals during the day to stay healthy and.
Many women find that bland, starchy foods such as saltine crackers are good for combatting morning sickness. You may find it helpful to keep some near your bed and in your purse.

, Although you may start to experience fatigue as early as the first month, it will increase in the second month. You should be able to tell you are pregnant and not simply tired.

Rest more regularly. Your body may require more sleep at night or several rests during the day.

, You should be experiencing these symptoms between week 5 and week 8, in addition to not having a menstrual cycle.

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