How to Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend During Pregnancy3



Go to birthing classes.,
Read pregnancy books.,
Learn the fastest route to the hospital.

You want to learn just as much, or more, about pregnancy and giving birth as your partner. Many hospitals offer birthing classes to new moms, and usually a partner is required for learning breathing techniques and birthing positions. You are needed as a partner for these learning exercises so that you will be prepared when your wife or girlfriend is in labor.

, Reading books about pregnancy shows your wife or girlfriend that you care about what she is going through. This helps her to feel confident and secure. These books can also give you tips on how to make the pregnancy more enjoyable for her.

You can find pregnancy books online and in book stores, as well as by checking them out from the library.

, Most pregnancy books and articles recommend that you and your partner have a plan for getting to the hospital in place long before labor starts. This is so that if there is an emergency, you aren’t having to think of all the details and risk a car accident or having the baby before you get there.

Study road maps to find the shortest route.
Study alternate routes to find the fastest one in case there is traffic.

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