How to Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend During Pregnancy1



Go with her to doctor appointments.,
Help her sleep.,
Cook for her.,
Find morning sickness remedies.,
Help her shop for gear.,
Be flexible about love making.

Depending on your wife or girlfriend’s health and age, she may be going to the doctor or midwife a lot. Going with her to as many appointments as you can is important. She may need help walking up the stairs, undressing for the appointment, and so on. Your presence at the appointments also demonstrates your role as a new parent, and shows support.

For a healthy pregnancy, she will go once a month until the third trimester, and if she is a high-risk pregnancy, she may go twice as often.;
, As your wife or girlfriend progresses in her pregnancy, it will become more and more difficult to find a position on the bed in which she can fall asleep. Make her nighttime sleeping arrangements as comfortable as you can so that she has energy during the day with less cause to become irritable and moody from lack of sleep.

Buy her things for sleeping like a full body pillow and relaxing herbal tea, or try cuddling and massage.

, Your wife or girlfriend’s diet doesn’t necessarily have to change dramatically, but she does need to eat healthy, protein-rich meals and consume a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables and minerals. Learning what she can eat and adapting it so that it tastes good will make any pregnant woman feel cared for.Prepare her salads with leafy greens, and meals with plenty of dairy, citrus, fatty fish, poultry, and dried beans.Preparing healthy snacks is especially helpful since most pregnant women have to eat every few hours to prevent nausea.

, Morning sickness varies in intensity from mother to mother, and from pregnancy to pregnancy. The mother of your child may have morning sickness nonstop for the entire pregnancy, needing to vomit after each meal, or not at all. If she does have it, do things to ease her suffering.

You can supply her with at-home remedies like ginger ale, ginger tea, folic acid and vitamin B6 supplements, and saltine crackers.Those who are pregnant should consult with their health-care provider before taking any herbs or dietary supplements. It’s possible ginger can interact with certain medications or illnesses.Be aware that smells can become nausea triggers, especially in the first trimester. Avoid strong-smelling foods like eggs and fish.

, When a new mom picks up baby gear at the store, it is often big ticket items like cribs, car seats, and changing tables. Go with her to pick up these items so that she is not carrying heavy objects on her own.

Your presence also shows that you support her.

, It is perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that your wife or girlfriend will be into it. Don’t pressure her to have sex when she doesn’t feel up to it. She will most likely have decreased desires for it during the first and last trimesters, and an increased desire for it in the second trimester.Sex during pregnancy is only unsafe if the pregnancy has complications, like premature labor and unexplained vaginal bleeding. Also avoid sex if her water has broken.

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