How to Sleep While Pregnant3



Eat a healthy diet.,
Have bland snacks throughout the day.,
Take daytime naps on occasion.

Exercising every day can help to regulate sleep during pregnancy as well. Get some physical exercise in every day. Try to get your exercise in the morning or early afternoon because exercising too close to bedtime can make it hard to fall asleep. If you want to do something physical in the evening, do something relaxing like yoga. This may have a positive impact on your sleep.Try taking a 30 minute walk when you wake up in the morning or after eating lunch.
Exercise is safe for most pregnant women. However, talk to your doctor first if you have any health issues, or have had difficult pregnancies in the past. You want to make sure exercise is safe for you and your baby.

, As nausea and heartburn are a major culprit in sleepless nights when pregnant, work on regulating your diet. If you feed your body healthy foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, this may lessen symptoms of nausea associated with pregnancy.Avoid acidic and spicy foods, as these can make heartburn worse.
Eat a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables. Strive for lean proteins and complex carbs like whole grain bread, rice, and pasta.

, Make sure to snack throughout the day, but go for bland foods like plain crackers. Such foods can help lessen nausea, which often keeps pregnant women awake during the night.Watch your calories, however. It’s healthy to gain weight during pregnancy, but only up to a certain amount. Many types of crackers and bland snacks contain a lot of empty calories, so keep an eye on portion size to avoid overeating.

, Naps are usually not advised as they can make it difficult to sleep at night. However, if you’re pregnant, naps can actually be helpful. Even when taking the proper steps to better your sleep, some nights will still be difficult during pregnancy. It’s important for your health to get enough sleep. Take daytime naps on occasion if you’re feeling particularly drowsy.

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