How to Reduce Bedtime Tantrums3



Don’t try talking your child out of it.,
Don’t give in to the bedtime tantrum.,
Don’t get angry yourself.,
Avoid administering drugs.

Once your child is in the throes of a bedtime tantrum, they are beyond the reach of reason. Trying to show your child the error of their way through rational dialogue will prove futile. Even if you agree to your child’s demands at bedtime, the child will likely remain enraged for some time. And by giving them prolonged energy and attention, you’re only increasing the likelihood that the child will throw another bedtime tantrum., If you allow your child to stay up past their bedtime because they throw a tantrum when it’s time for them to go to sleep, you’ll only be reinforcing the tantrum behavior. Next time your child wants to stay up past their bedtime, they’ll throw a tantrum again. Insist that your child goes to bed when you decide, and don’t fold under pressure from your child., Bedtime tantrums can be extremely frustrating for parents. However, it is important to avoid becoming angry at your child for throwing a tantrum. Your anger will only fuel your child’s own feelings of rage, fear, and frustration. Don’t curse at or strike your child. Don’t throw things or engage in other destructive behaviors.The best way to avoid getting riled due to your child’s bedtime tantrum is to leave them alone and walk away from the situation.You could also try self-calming techniques like breathing in and out slowly. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose for three seconds, then out through your mouth for five seconds.

, Some parents turn to quick-fix drugs like Risperdal, Ritalin, and Adderall in order to reduce their children’s tantrums. However, these drugs come with significant side effects, including a high potential for addiction. Instead find ways to modify your child’s behavior.There are occasions where drugs are necessary, but you should only ever administer them after close consideration and consultation with a medical professional. Always consider the side effects and risks involved in giving your child medications.

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