How to Prevent UTI During Pregnancy3



Switch to cotton underwear and change them daily.,
Wear loosely fitting pants and skirts.,
Cross your ankles instead of your legs when you sit.

Synthetic fabrics trap moisture next to the skin, while cotton allows your genital area to “breathe.” Clean garments prevent bacteria from accumulating in the genital region.

Ensure your underwear are fitting properly. The style of your underwear is less important than the garment’s fit. Wear the type you find most comfortable, but make sure they are sufficiently roomy., Tight, restrictive clothing may make it more difficult to completely empty your bladder. This encourages back-up in your urinary tract and causes infection.

Polyester and synthetic garments can retain moisture and can promote the growth of bacteria. Look for garments made from cotton, linen, and other natural fibers.Tights and pantyhose (especially non-cotton varieties) also trap moisture near your genital region, so consider your pregnancy an excuse to enjoy the freedom of bare legs whenever possible.

, Crossing your legs restricts airflow and traps moisture against the skin, creating a hospitable environment for the growth of bacteria.

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