How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks3



Continue eating foods that nourish your skin.,
Ramp up the exercise.,
Treat stretch marks.

Don’t give up the fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish, and avocados after your baby is born. The period after you give birth is an important window for making sure your skin continues to get the vitamins it needs to renew itself and recover from stretching.

Don’t go on a crash diet to lose weight after pregnancy. Lose it gradually, just as you gained it gradually, so your skin has time to tighten itself.
Continue hydrating yourself with plenty of water to help your skin retain elasticity.

, Now that the baby has been born, you are no longer limited to exercises that are safe to do during pregnancy. Exercise four or five times a week, focusing in the following areas:

Strength training. Building strong muscles helps your skin tighten up. Try weightlifting, and work with a trainer to figure out what exercises are right for you.
Cardio workouts. Swimming, running, and biking keep your circulation healthy and help your skin bounce back into shape.

, If you do end up with a few stretch marks – which can happen even if you take preventative measures – treat them while they’re still new. Apply a stretch mark salve containing glycolic acid to your abdomen, sides, and wherever red streaks have appeared.

Prescription creams containing retinoids, which should not be ingested while you are pregnant or nursing, have also been shown to help with stretch marks.Using glycolic acid and retinoids at the same time may produce better results than using the products on their own.If these products just aren’t making the marks go away, laser treatments for stretch mark removal are an effective choice.

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