How to Prevent Heartburn While Pregnant2



Eat fewer, smaller meals.Switching from three large meals a day to six smaller ones can have a significant impact on heartburn during pregnancy.,
Eat more slowly.,
Don’t lie down after meals.,
Avoid eating too close to bedtime.

Eating less food reduces stomach pressure that can cause food particles and acid to back up into the esophagus.

, Slowing down your eating can also help you feel full faster, so you may tend to eat less at your meals.Take your time chewing and swallowing. You should be eating smaller meals, so you can also try to make them last longer by eating slowly.

, Lying down after a meal can increase your chance of heartburn. Instead, you should go for a quick walk or run an errand. Even if you are tired, try to spend at least an hour or two being on your feet or sitting in a chair before you lie down., Try not to eat for at least two to three hours before you go to bed. You should also be drinking less liquid during this time.At bedtime, you should also try to elevate your head and chest. You can buy a wedge-shaped pillow online or at a bedding store.You can also raise the bed frame or simply prop up your head and shoulders with additional normal pillows. Sleeping in a reclining position in a chair may also be an effective heartburn treatment.

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