How to Prevent Heartburn While Pregnant1



Avoid foods that trigger heartburn.,
Don’t drink a lot when you eat.,
Chew gum after meals.,
Consume some ginger.

There are many foods that are known to cause heartburn, especially in pregnant women. Here are some foods and types of food that you should avoid:

Fried food
Spicy food
Especially rich foodFatty foods
Processed meats
Minty productsCarbonated drinks
SugarSince the specific foods that cause problems can vary from person to person, pay attention to what you eat prior to heartburn flare-ups to determine which foods are the biggest culprits for your symptoms. If heartburn is particularly bothersome, it might be valuable to keep a food diary that logs what you eat and when your symptoms occur. This will help you identify the specific foods that are best avoided throughout your pregnancy.;
, You should certainly stay well hydrated when you’re pregnant. However, drinking a lot while you’re eating a meal will fill up your stomach and increase your chances of heartburn. Therefore, you should try to drink more in between meals and less when you’re sitting down for a meal., Chewing gum can help to reduce stomach acid after a meal because of the increase in saliva.However, minty products can often cause heartburn, so try chewing a non-mint gum., Some women find that ginger can help with heartburn, as well as with nausea and vomiting. Try some ginger ale, ginger tea, or even ginger chews.

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