How to Prevent Constipation During Pregnancy3



Talk to your OB/GYN.,
Try a stool softener.,
Add in a fiber supplement.,
Avoid harmful medications.

If you’ve tried a few natural methods of preventing and treating constipation, but have no success, talk to your OB/GYN about other options.

If you notice you’re feeling constipated and you’re pregnant, give your doctor a call to update her on your symptom and ask for advice.
Also tell your doctor if you’ve tried certain things to relieve constipation and how successful those changes were.
Lastly, ask if there is anything over-the-counter that she recommends to help increase the success of your lifestyle changes to treating your constipation.

, Stool softeners are a common over-the-counter medication that many people use to help treat or prevent constipation.

Generally, stool softeners are considered safe for intermittent use to treat constipation during pregnancy.Taking a stool softener as needed can help make it easier to go. These medications do not stimulate your GI system like a laxative.

, In addition to getting fiber from your foods, there are also fiber supplements that you can purchase at your local pharmacy that may help treat your constipation.

Many fiber supplements work by adding soft bulk to your stool so it’s easier to go.
Occasionally there are other supplements that will stimulate your GI system as well to speed up the transit time.Many fiber supplements are sold in powder form that you can sprinkle into beverages to help add in more fiber. There are also supplements that are sold as gummy supplements or in capsule form.

, Although there are many safe methods of treating constipation during pregnancy, there are medications and treatment options that are not safe for you.

Avoid stimulant laxatives if you can. These are generally not pleasant regardless of whether you’re pregnant, but many doctors do not want their pregnant patients ingesting these types of medications.Also, do not take mineral oils like caster oil to treat constipation. They can prevent the absorption of many vital nutrients in your GI system.

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