How to Prevent Constipation During Pregnancy2



Drink warm prune juice.,
Add in some psyllium husk.,
Take a probiotic.

If you are constipated, drinking warm prune juice is an easy and natural way to get things moving along.

Prune juice works as a natural “laxative” due to it’s high sorbitol content. Warming it also has shown to help its constipation relieving effects.Try drinking about 4 oz of prune juice everyday to help get rid of constipation.
If you’re not into drinking prune juice, eating a few dried prunes or plums will also help get your bowels moving.

, Psyllium husk is a natural supplement that can be added to your diet to help relieve constipation.

Psyllium husk is generally sold in a powder, tablet or capsule form and can be added to your diet or a variety of foods to help prevent or treat constipation.Psyllium husk works by adding soft bulk to your stools which stimulates your GI system to speed up.Add in a psyllium husk supplement daily to help treat constipation.

, There have been conflicting studies on whether or not probiotics can help treat or prevent constipation. However, it’s not harmful during pregnancy and might be helpful to you.

It’s generally thought that probiotics (beneficial and healthful bacteria found in foods) is perfectly safe during pregnancy.It’s thought that these good bacteria can help constipation or diarrhea during pregnancy.
Take a probiotic supplement daily during pregnancy. These are sold in liquid or tablet form and can be purchased at health food stores and pharmacies.
You may also want to increase the amount of foods you eat that contain probiotics. Try eating more of: yogurt, fermented yogurt drinks, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha (if its pasteurized), and pickles.

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