How to Prepare for the Birth of Twins4



Determine if your babies will share one crib or if you will have two separate cribs.,
Decorate the room with coordinating bedding sets rather than an exact match.,
Determine whether you twins will be breast or bottle-fed.

There are double cribs on the market, but they tend to be very expensive. If you choose to use one crib, you can purchase a divider which will give each baby his own space, however, even this is not a necessity. Some parents feel it’s best to keep the twins in the same crib in the beginning then graduate to two cribs as the babies grow.

, This will give each twin a distinct space while keeping a unified theme. You can also choose two colors of paint for the walls, or decorate each twin’s area with different wall decals. This is especially helpful when a boy and girl are sharing a nursery.

, Not only is breastfeeding healthy for babies, but it’s free. Think of all of the money you will save not having to buy formula for your twins and what’s more, breastfeeding burns calories so you’ll get a jump start on losing that baby weight. If you choose to breast feed it will be useful to purchase a nursing pillow. This will allow you to breast feed the babies at the same time, while the pillow helps to support the twins. If you will be bottle feeding your babies, be sure to stock up on bottles or use bottles with disposable liners. This will cut down on the time you spend washing bottles.

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