How to Prepare for the Birth of Twins1



Rest when you can.,
Communicate with your partner.,
Feed your body well.,
Make regular trips to your doctor.

If you’re feeling tired, sit down and put your feet up. With twins, you have all of the discomfort of a single pregnancy, times two. Consider taking a tepid bath, relax in the tub with a good book and unwind.;
, Let him know how you are feeling. Be sure your partner understands and is compassionate to the remarkable and incredible changes your body is going through, both physically and emotionally. A sympathetic ear is wonderful comfort when you’re just not feeling like yourself.

, Your pregnant body needs added nutrition, especially when you’re expecting twins. Increase your intake of calcium by eating calcium rich foods like milk or broccoli. Extra protein is also important when pregnant with twins. Protein acts as building blocks for body tissue and contains enzymes that are essential in regulating chemical reactions to keep your body functioning properly while your babies grow. Be sure you are getting enough iron as well; iron deficiency anemia is common in multiple pregnancies. To avoid this, be sure you are eating enough iron rich foods. Take a prenatal vitamin each day to account for other important nutrients.

, If it seems like you’re visiting your OBGYN a lot, understand that frequent visits are a normal part of pregnancy when expecting multiples.

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