How to Prepare for the Birth of a Child With Down Syndrome3



Select a pediatrician familiar with Down syndrome.,
Inquire about early intervention for your baby.,
Acquaint yourself with your school district’s Down syndrome resources.

Inquire at local pediatrician offices to discover whether they have worked with Down syndrome babies in the past.

Pediatricians familiar with the condition can help teach you about healthy growth and development of your baby and refer you to relevant services for further assistance raising and educating your child.

, Local government and education offices should be able to provide you with information about available services targeted toward giving your baby the best chance at fulfilling his or her potential.

Many localities offer early home visits or specialty day care to provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for young children with Down syndrome.
Always be careful when getting services for your child, especially behavior therapy. While many therapists are kind and respectful, some use abusive restraint and seclusion tactics,or other practices full of ethical violationsthat may hurt your child.Check up with your child and care providers to make sure he or she feels safe and is having fun.

, Most school districts have services geared toward children with Down syndrome and other developmental delays.

If you wish, you can often arrange advance meetings with the developmental therapists and special education staff to learn about what to expect once your child reaches school age.

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