How to Prepare for the Birth of a Child With Down Syndrome1



Learn the range of symptoms.,
Learn about the delays your child may face.,
Read about the type of lifestyle you can expect.,
Learn about respectful parenting.

Even if the diagnosis of Down syndrome has been confirmed, it will be difficult to know the severity of symptoms your child may experience in advance.

Some children experience significant symptoms, while others exhibit very few physical or mental indications of the condition.;
, Most children with Down syndrome will experience delays in speech and physical growth.

Although your child will likely need special education and extra attention to promote maximal learning and social skills, many children with Down syndrome can participate in a wide range of standard childhood activities.

, With early intervention, nearly all children with Down syndrome can be educated in the public school system and prepare for jobs and fulfilling lives once they are grown.

Raising a child with Down syndrome can be challenging, but your child may still be active, engaged in society, and a productive and employed adult.

, This strategy has been found to improve competence and manage difficult situations.

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