How to Plan a Maternity Wardrobe2



Find a pair of comfortable work shoes.,
Choose bottoms in versatile, basic colors.,
Select maternity tops for your work wardrobe.

Late in your pregnancy, your feet are likely to swell up a bit (often necessitating a larger shoe size). Your balance can also suffer, and the extra body weight can easily lead to aches in your feet, legs, and back. Even if you cannot wear sneakers to work, you should try to find a pair of work-appropriate shoes with adequate support. Avoid high heels, as these can further impair your balance.

, Work-appropriate maternity bottoms often include trousers and skirts. A few pairs of maternity trousers or skirts in neutral colors like gray, black, and brown will provide an adequate foundation for your maternity work wardrobe. These bottoms can even be dressed down by pairing them with a casual top, which will allow you to stretch their usage into your everyday engagements.

, If you typically wear cardigans, jackets, or other layered pieces as part of your work wardrobe, you may be able to fit into these even late into your pregnancy. You may need to purchase a few maternity shirts and blouses, and buying basic tops will allow you to dress them up or down for work or casual engagements, respectively.

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