How to Plan a Maternity Wardrobe1



Consider the seasons during which you will be pregnant.,
Purchase a maternity bra.,
Select a belly band in a neutral color.

The seasons into which your pregnancy fall (especially in the later months) will dictate the kind of clothing you should focus on. For winter, several pairs of long maternity pants are crucial. A summer maternity wardrobe, however, may contain no long pants, focusing instead of skirts and short-sleeved blouses.;
, One piece of clothing that you will certainly need to buy during a pregnancy is a maternity bra (or at least a bra in a bigger size). You may need to invest in a maternity bra as early as your first trimester.

To ensure a good fit, go to a lingerie store or department store and have yourself professionally fitted for the new bra. A good fit will help prevent unnecessary aches and pains in your back.
Look for a maternity bra in a comfortable, natural fabric like cotton. This will make the bra more comfortable on your potentially itchy skin, and will also ensure easy laundering – which is a big benefit once your baby has arrived and requires much of your energy.

, A belly band is a simple, stretchy piece of clothing that covers the gap between your pants and the bottom of your shirt. A belly band will keep you from exposing your midriff as your shirts ride higher and higher on your growing belly. Purchasing 1 or 2 in white, black, or other neutral colors will allow you to coordinate them with your entire existing wardrobe.

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