How to Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy3



Indulge your cravings.,
Organize a mocktail party.,
Plan a fun outing.

As long as you are maintaining a healthy diet, don’t feel bad about succumbing to your sweet or savory food cravings. Go out with a friend, your partner, or your kids for an ice cream sundae, doughnuts, or a plate of fries once or twice a month., Celebrate your pregnancy during your second trimester with a mocktail party. Invite your friends over to celebrate with you, or have a friend host the party for you. If you want, offer real cocktails to your friends who are drinking.Tasty mocktails include Shirley Temples, alcohol-free mojitos, margaritas, and daiquiris.
Serve non-alcoholic drinks like agua fresca or lavender lemonade in your cocktail glasses and champagne flutes for a festive feel.

, Plan a movie night with your friends or partner. You could also plan a brunch or dinner date with your partner or a group of friends at your favorite restaurant or the best restaurant in town.If you can make time, try planning a short get-a-way for you and your partner before the baby arrives. If you plan on flying to your destination, make sure your OBGYN approves, and make sure to check the airline’s rules for flying during pregnancy.

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