How to Monitor Fetal Heart Rate1



Visit a doctor or ultrasound technician.,
Stay still as the doctor listens to the uterus.,
Listen to your baby’s heartbeat with a doppler device.,
Get treatment if there is a problem.

The best way to know the fetus’ heart rate is to have a medical professional perform an external examination. The doctor or technician will be able to locate the fetus using sophisticated equipment.Your doctor may not be able to pick up on the fetal heart rate until between ten and fourteen weeks of development.
Whoever performs the test will need to lift up your shirt or gown to reach your bare belly.;
, The doctor may use a fetoscope, which is similar to a stethoscope. They will press one end of it to your stomach to listen for the fetus’ heartbeat. Wait patiently as they do this., A doppler device will let you hear the baby’s heartbeat on an electronic monitor while measuring the heart rate. The technician will apply gel to your stomach before pressing a wand called a transducer to your skin.Dopplers are typically used at the same time as ultrasounds.

, Fetal heart rate alone cannot tell you if there is a problem or not. If the heart rate is abnormal, a doctor may do other tests to make sure that the fetus is in good health. Follow your doctor’s guidance and advice.

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