How to Measure Fetal Growth3



Make an appointment with your doctor.,
Wear two-piece clothing.,
Keep your bladder full if it’s early in the pregnancy.,
Ask your doctor how your baby is developing.

While you can get an ultrasound at any point in your pregnancy, you will have to use an ultrasound to measure fetal growth before 20 weeks or after 27 weeks of pregnancy. Depending on how busy your doctor’s office is, you may need to plan ahead to make sure that you get in for an appointment.

Ask your doctor if you need a full bladder.You may also be able to get a measurement of your baby at an ultrasound clinic or specialty ultrasound provider.
Frequent ultrasounds are not recommended for a normal pregnancy, so talk to your doctor before getting one.

, While early in the pregnancy your doctor may need to do a transvaginal ultrasound, they are most often performed by moving the wand over your abdomen. To allow easy access, wear a two-piece outfit so that you can easily pull up your top.

Don’t worry about getting the lubricant on your clothes. The doctor will allow you to wipe it off with a towel after the ultrasound., The sound waves used in the ultrasound will travel better through liquid, so early in your pregnancy a full bladder can help you get a better result. Later in the pregnancy, it may not be necessary since there will be more amniotic fluid in your body., An ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image of how your baby looks. It can allow your doctor to determine how well that your baby is growing.For example, ask, “Is my baby’s growth normal?”

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