How to Manage Physical Changes in Pregnancy Through Diet



Nausea or vomiting: take lemon with honey to eliminate fatigue and nauseated feeling.,
Flatulence or Indigestion: drink warm jeera (boiled cumin seeds) water throughout the pregnancy.,
Anxiety: Drink sweetening cardamom with boiled milk to help soothe your mind and keep your body relaxed.,
Sluggishness/ fatigue: Try ginger or pepper tea in the evenings.,
Anemia: Have the first morsel of food with curry leaves, salt, jeera powder, asafetida and melted ghee.,
Constipation: Eat spinach.,
Heart burn: Drink diluted butter milk (diluted yogurt which is slightly sour and contains active good bacteria) with coriander.,
Aches and pain: Try garlic (2 or 3 in number) cooked with milk.,
Hunger pranks: serve yourself with almonds, walnuts, pistachios and raisins (each 3 in number) when you feel hungry.

Lemon / orange peeled, cooked with jaggery and made as lemon marmalade by seasoning it with little cinnamon helps in the same.;
, It helps in mobilizing nutrients to baby by enhanced digestion, avoids or eases flatulence, and helps in active digestion.

, The combination triggers the neurotransmitters to secret the serotonin to ease the mind.

, It helps to keep your mind revived, fresh and energetic.

, It helps to keep your appetite satiated, provides you daily dose of natural iron. –( this tip is quite Indian type but foods like dates taken does the same thing).

, They are juicy, fibrous and rich in antioxidants, iron, calcium, vitamins and folic acid to give you a great nutrient capsule for constipation. Make a soup, dhal, spinach rice or spinach seasoned wheat noodles or curries.

, Add a little rock salt and little ginger. It helps in quenching thirst, keeps you cool and hydrated.

, It helps in controlling lipids and mobilizes fat and relieves aches and pain from weight bearing joints if there is gas trapped inside joints.

, Chew them like a toffee, slowly and it helps in controlling between hunger pranks.

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