How to Maintain Beauty During Pregnancy3



Ask your doctor about topical steroids that may be safe to apply as part of your pregnancy beauty routine.,
Limit contact with substances that can cause itchiness, such as perfumes and other household cleaners.

Avoid long showers and baths or excessive hand-washing.,
Keep cool.,
Lay a cold compress on your itch instead of scratching with your fingernails.

Antihistamines may also help you cope with eczema during pregnancy.

,, This can lead to dry skin and irritation, affecting your beauty while pregnant.

, Sweat can be a powerful eczema trigger.

Wear loose, cotton clothing and avoid overheating by wearing layers that you can take off as you get warm.

, Your nails can make eczema worse and dull your beauty while pregnant. Scratching can also cause an infection if your nails cut through the skin.

Keep nails short and filed into a rounded shape to lessen the impact of scratching on your skin.

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