How to Learn More About Pregnancy Trimesters2



Understand that changes that will occur in the second trimester.,
Know that you may need to make some changes to avoid back pain.,
Know that your veins may become inflamed.,
Understand that your breasts may change to accommodate the milk your body will create.,
Know that your palms might start to itch.,
Know that ankle edema also occurs during the second trimester of pregnancy.

The second trimester of pregnancy is generally thought to be more comfortable than the first trimester. Symptoms of morning sickness and fatigue may be starting to fade, but there are new changes happening in your body. You may find that your abdomen is beginning to expand with the continued growth of your baby.

, As your baby grows, your body will change its posture to accommodate the new weight. There are certain ways to help relieve back pain that you might experience. This includes:

Wearing shoes with no heel. Wearing heeled shoes may affect the curvature of your spine so try to avoid them.
Walk with your pelvis tilted forward to give yourself a wider base of support.
Apply a warm compress to your back.
Squat rather than bend when you have to pick up objects.

, When your uterus increases in weight, it can put a lot of pressure on your veins, which makes it harder for blood to reach your lower extremities. When this occurs, your veins may become painful, inflamed and engorged.Resting in Sims’ position is one way to relieve varicose veins. This is done by lying on your back with both legs raised against a wall or a chair.
Avoid crossing your legs while sitting for a long period of time.
Walk for 30 minutes each day to promote blood circulation.
Eat vitamin C-rich foods to ease your inflamed veins. Great sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Green leafy vegetables are also rich sources of vitamin C.

, During the second trimester, your areola will begin to darken and their diameters will also begin to increase in size. This happens as your breasts prepare for milk production.

, Your palms will start to itch during the second trimester. This condition is more commonly known as palmar erythema. This is a normal occurrence throughout pregnancy and it happens because your estrogen levels are increased.

Calamine lotion can be applied on the affected area to soothe the itching.

, This may happen because there is a chance that your blood pressure will go up around this time. At the same time, your baby is getting larger, which cuts off a lot of the blood supply to your lower extremities, making your ankles swell up.Sleeping or resting in a left side lying position will help keep the weight off your lower extremities. Elevate your legs whenever possible to help improve blood flow.

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