How to Keep Pregnancy Plans Secret3



Prepare for some backlash.,
Be upfront if you don’t want visitors at the hospital.,
Explain why privacy is important during labor and delivery.,
Offer to introduce the baby later.

Close family members and friends may want to present for your labor and delivery. Parents especially may want to be at the hospital when a grandchild is born. However, you have every right to privacy during labor. Do not feel guilty about requesting privacy.Remember, no one has a right to be in the delivery room but you and your doctor, nurse, or midwife. If you prefer a private birth, do not feel guilty letting friends and family members know.
If anyone expresses hurt feelings at your decision, remind them it is not personal. You are making the right choice for you and are entitled to a delivery that makes you feel comfortable.

, Many new moms appreciate visitors at the hospitals and want friends and family members waiting when they go into labor. However, for various reasons, you may prefer to give birth alone. If this is the case, be upfront.Explain your feelings to close friends and family members who were planning to be there for the birth. For example, “I’m very stressed about the pregnancy and want to keep things as private as possible. If I’m exhausted during or after birth, I do not think I would want visitors. I would prefer just me and my spouse be present for my labor and I don’t want a crowd in the waiting room.”

, You do not have to explain anything as you have a right to privacy. However, if someone people are hurt and confused, it can help to explain. If you’re comfortable doing so, let people know why you’re choosing to keep your labor and delivery private.For example, you may want the first news people to hear is that your baby arrived safely. The idea of people waiting in the lobby may stress you out. Say as much.
Say something like, “I don’t want to have to worry about other people’s stress while I’m giving birth. I would just rather let people know when that the baby’s safe once its born.”

, Consider hosting a gathering or small party once the baby is home. This can allow you a controlled space to introduce the baby to your family and friends without the stress of having them at the hospital. This may also help them feel more included.Keep the gathering small, causal, and among close individuals. This will help reduce stress and keep things on the parent’s terms.

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