How to Keep Pregnancy Plans Secret2



Keep your story simple.,
Come up with an excuse for abstaining from coffee and alcohol.,
Alter your wardrobe.,
Decide when you’re ready to tell people.

If you want to keep your pregnancy a secret for awhile, there’s no reason to come up with a complicated lie. When explaining odd behavior or changes, keep things simple. A lie may be hard to maintain.For example, do not invent an imaginary cleanse diet to explain abstaining from alcohol and caffeine. You can simply say that you’re making different dietary choices for your health.
The more lies you create, the more you will need to remember, and the more lies you will have to tell in the future. It is best to simply not start lying in the first place. Vague answers work just as well, and they do not come with the stress of maintaining several fake stories.

, If you’re a big coffee drinker or a frequent attender of work happy hour, people may notice if your drinking habits suddenly change. Find a few quick ways to address this that will squelch pregnancy rumors.For example, say something like, “I’ve been having trouble sleeping, so I’m cutting back on caffeine” or “I’m trying to cut back on sugar, which means less wine and cocktails.”
At social events, you can accept a beer or cocktail from a co-worker or friend and merely pretend to be sipping. Later, you can hand it to your spouse or another party-goer. In a big enough crowd, people will hardly notice you’re not drinking your drinks.

, If you start to show and aren’t ready to announce your pregnancy, alter your wardrobe. Go for looser outfits that can conceal your growing stomach.Go for loose-fitting dresses, such as tank top dresses, that do not cling to your stomach.
Opt for more relaxed clothing when possible. Go for loose-fitting t-shirts over form-fitted blouses.
Do not completely overhaul your style. People may get suspicious. Pick things similar to what you regularly wear, but looser than normal.

, People have different feelings about when to reveal a pregnancy. There is no right time to do it. As you get farther along in your pregnancy, start thinking about the right time for you to make your announcement.Many people prefer to reveal their pregnancy after 12 weeks, as this is the point where the chance of a miscarriage decreases. However, there is nothing wrong with revealing your pregnancy sooner or later.

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