How to Keep Pregnancy Plans Secret1



Talk to your partner.,
Answer questions about pregnancy plans vaguely.,
Find ways to side step uncomfortable questions.,
Make excuses for dietary changes.,
Ask close friends and family members to keep things private.

Before you start actively avoiding questions from anyone, talk to you partner to ensure you are both on the same page. If you have a partner for this pregnancy, let them know what you want and listen to what they want regarding letting others know. Set some rules together regarding how you will each deal with questions. This helps keep your story more consistent, and takes both of your feelings into account.

You may, for example, decide that neither of you will tell friends or coworkers until a certain date, but allow each of you to tell your family on your own terms.;
, Oftentimes, people start asking about plans regarding future children if you’re recently married or settled. If you don’t want people to know you’re planning to get pregnant, offer vague answers. Give people enough information that they will feel satisfied without having to go into a detailed plan.For example, say something like, “I think I would want kids sometime in the future” or “My spouse and I are still figuring out the right timing for kids.”

, If you’re trying to get pregnant, some people may notice changes. You may start eating healthier, for example, or cut out certain foods. If you feel strange outright lying, find ways to side step questions. This way, people may get the hint a certain question is off limits.For example, if someone asks about your sudden health food kick, start talking about new recipes you’ve found instead of offering an explanation. This will steer the conversation away from questions about your eating habits.

, You do not always have to side step uncomfortable questions. White lies can be acceptable, especially with something as sensitive and private as pregnancy. If someone asks why you’re abstaining from caffeine, alcohol, or other foods, just make something up.For example, say something like, “Coffee keeps me up at night, so I’m trying to cut back.” You can also try something like, “I have a long ride home, so I’m going to skip the wine tonight.”

, A close friend or family member may figure out you’re trying to conceive. They may see a pregnancy test, for example. You also may want to open up to close friends and family members if you’re stressed about the process. If someone finds out, make it clear you want to keep things mostly private for now.For example, say something like, “I really only want a few people to know I’m trying right now, so please don’t mention this to anyone else. Thanks!”

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