How to Induce Labor at Home5



Take evening primrose oil.,
Take cohosh.,
Try homeopathic remedies.

Evening primrose oil contains prostaglandins, which is the hormone-like substance that induces contractions and helps soften the cervix. Take this oil orally in 500mg capsules 3 times a day. Alternately, insert a capsule at bedtime into the vagina. The moist environment of the vagina will melt the capsule and disperse the gel throughout the cervix.

, Cohosh root is a medicinal plant that can be used to treat symptoms of menstruation, menopause and osteoporosis, and to induce labor.It is available as black or blue cohosh root, typically in water-based or alcohol-based tincture form.Follow the dosing instructions on the package.

Black cohosh is thought to be more effective than blue cohosh.

, Homeopathic remedies such as pulsatilla and caulophyllum can be used to stimulate labor.Pulsatilla is often used to treat menstrual symptoms, as well as headaches and insomnia.Caulophyllum can also help tone the uterine muscles, which helps with productive contractions.Follow the dosing instructions on the package for both of these remedies.

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