How to Induce Labor at Home1



Eat pineapple.,
Eat spicy foods.,
Eat licorice.,
Eat garlic.,
Eat plenty of fiber.,
Drink red raspberry leaf tea.,
Drink cumin tea.

Pineapple is one fruit that may trigger labor. It contains bromelain, which may help soften and “ripen” the cervix. This is a key stage in bringing on labor.Eat pineapple plain, drink pineapple juice, or make a fruit smoothie with pineapple.;
, Some people swear by spicy foods as a catalyst for labor. Mexican food or foods with hot chilis might help bring on labor. Be careful that these foods don’t give you indigestion in this late stage of pregnancy.

Some research shows that eating spicy foods might actually stave off labor, thanks to the capsaicin in some spicy foods. Capsaicin overtake naturally-occurring endorphins that help relieve pain., Black licorice is said to stimulate labor. Get natural licorice that contains less sugar. You can also get licorice in pill form. Licorice can stimulate cramps in the bowel by having a laxative effect. Bowel cramps may help induce uterine cramps., When you eat enough garlic, you may stimulate your bowels. This can cause you to empty your bowels, which gives room for the baby to move lower in your body. Once the baby moves down, it engages more with your uterus and cervix, readying your body for labor.Prepare foods with lots of garlic, as long as it doesn’t give you indigestion.

, Foods that are rich in fiber will help you avoid being constipated.If you are constipated, you will have a full bowel or rectum, which takes up space that the baby may need to move lower down in your body. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Eating prunes and other dried fruits can help as well.

, This tea can strengthen and tone the uterus, and can help the muscles start to contract. Brew a cup by pouring 6 ounces of boiling water over one tea bag. Let it steep for 3 minutes. Let it cool and drink.

Make red raspberry leaf iced tea in the summer for a refreshing drink.

, Cumin can be used for digestive problems and also to start menstruation and to relieve bloating.Brew a cup of tea using cumin seeds to bring on labor.

Add some sugar or honey to counteract the bitterness of the tea.

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