How to Increase Amniotic Fluid2



Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.,
Eat fruits that have water contents.,
Avoid herbal supplements that can dehydrate you.,
Stay away from alcohol.,
Do light exercise regularly if your doctor has not asked you to get bed rest.,
Lie on your left side when you relax.,
Talk to your doctor about changing your prescription if you are taking Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE).

One of the simplest ways to increase your amniotic fluid is to make sure that you are always hydrated. When you increase the amount of water you have in your body, your amniotic fluid levels will also rise.Drink water throughout the day and try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses at a minimum.

, A great way to stay hydrated while also getting good nutrients is to eat fruits and vegetables that have high water concentrations. As stated above, when you increase the amount of hydration your body gets, you will also increase the amount of amniotic fluid you have. Good fruits and vegetables to eat when needing hydration include:

Vegetables like: Cucumber (96.7% water), iceberg lettuce (95.6%), celery (95.4%), radishes (95.3%), green peppers (93.9%), cauliflower (92.1%), spinach (91.4%), broccoli (90.7%), and baby carrots (90.4%).
Fruits like: Watermelon (91.5%), tomatoes (94.5%), star fruit (91.4%), strawberries (91.0%), grapefruit (90.5%), and cantaloupe (90.2%).

, Some herbal supplements can act as diuretics that make you have to urinate more. The more you go to the bathroom, the likelier you are to become dehydrated. It is very important that you stay hydrated when you are concerned about your levels of amniotic fluid. Herbal supplements to stay away from include:

Dandelion extract, celery seed, watercress, and parsley., If you are pregnant, you should not drink alcohol at all because it is not good for your baby’s health. Alcohol can also dehydrate you and cause your amniotic fluid levels to shrink.

, You should try to get at least 30 to 45 minutes of non-weight bearing exercise every day. Exercises promote an increased blood flow to the different areas in your body. If there is an increased blood circulating in the uterus and placenta, there is also an increase in the amniotic fluid index and fetal urine production rate (the amount your baby urinates). As your baby passes more urine in the amniotic sac, the volume of the amniotic fluid increases. Exercises you should consider doing include:

Swimming or water aerobics. These are the best exercises to do when you are pregnant because it takes all the weight of your baby off of you.
Walking and light hiking.

, If your doctor has asked you to stay in bed (what is referred to as complete bed rest) you should lay on your left side when you can. When you lie on your left side, your blood flows more smoothly through the uterine blood vessels and allows your baby’s blood flow to also move at a regular rate. This may cause the amniotic fluid index to rise.

, ACE inhibitors are medications that help to lower your high blood pressure by stopping your body’s conversion of Angiotensin I to Angiotensin II. While it is normally good to take these medications, you should not take them while you are pregnant because they can lower the amount of amniotic fluid that your body creates.

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