How to Hire a Birth Coach3



Choose a friend or family member to make you feel more at ease.

Sometimes your husband, mother, sister or friend is the perfect choice as a birth coach for you. Choosing someone you know will not only save you money, but it may make you feel more comfortable in the long run.

Keep in mind that the person you choose will be seeing every aspect of the birth and labor process and it will not all be pretty. This is why choosing someone that you know and already feel comfortable with can be a great option.
Another great perk of choosing a friend or family member is that they already know you and know all of your quirks. She will know the part of the labor and birth process that makes you scared or uncomfortable and she will be able to help you calm those fears and make you feel more at home.
Labor is already a scary and stressful process so you don’t want someone who adds to your stress. This can be one of the drawbacks of choosing a friend or family member as your birth coach. Because we are most comfortable with them, friends and family members are the people we tend to fight with the most. Make sure that you don’t choose your mother or your sister if you tend to get into arguments with them about their overbearing attitudes. You need to choose a person who is going to listen to you, understand what you want from your birthing experience, and be able to help keep you cool, calm and collected during the labor process.

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