How to Hire a Birth Coach2



Make sure the birth coach is licensed in the trade.,
Talk to your friends and family members.,
Make sure your personality meshes well with the birth coach you choose.

It is not only important to make sure she has the proper licenses, it is also important to make sure she has been through the proper training. You don’t want just anyone assisting you with one of the most important times in your life, so put in the time and effort now to make sure she is everything you would expect from a professional birth coach.

One good way to do this is to check with your state. Many states require birth coaches to be registered within their specific state registry. Check with your state licensing program and make sure that the birth coach you are considering is a legitimate one.

, Ask them who they used as their birth coach. This can be a lot easier than just going out and searching for a birth coach on your own. Inquire at your doctor’s office as well, they may be able to refer you to a birthing coach that has been used by some of the other patients.

You can also find great birth coach recommendations from pregnancy organizations around your town.

, You don’t want a person in the room with you when you are giving birth that gets on your nerves or has a personality that you are not necessarily compatible with. Your birth coach should be a voice of reason during a crazy time and should have the power to calm you when you are feeling stressed. Your birth coach should help to relax you and focus you, not drive you crazy. Make sure that you get along well with the birth coach you eventually choose. This can be the most important piece to the puzzle when selecting a birth coach.

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