How to Help Ease Gas During Pregnancy2



Exercise regularly.,
Wear loose clothing.,
Consider doing yoga.

Exercise helps stimulate digestion. This means your food will move through your intestinal tract more quickly — and produce less gas along the way. Check with your health care provider before beginning a new exercise regimen., Tight clothing around your waist can further constrict a digestive system that is already being crowded by your growing uterus. If your pants or skirts are causing welts in your skin, consider replacing them with looser garments., Three yoga positions, in particular, will help reduce gas and are feasible while pregnant. All three are done while on all fours:

The pelvic rock or “cat” position involves arching your pelvis up like a cat, then gently dropping it down to make a hollow in the small of your back.
The side-to-side or pelvic “rock” position involves arching sideways to the right, bringing your head and rear end close together, then gently arching yourself sideways to the left — just like you’re wagging your “tail.”
The circular rock position involves rolling your pelvis around as if you were belly dancing, but while on all fours.

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