How to Hear the Fetal Heartbeat3



Learn about fetal development.,
Keep the heart healthy.,
Know the risks.,
Bond with your baby.

When you are pregnant, it is important to know the stages of your baby’s development. That way, you will know when you can logically expect to hear the heartbeat, and you can correlate this information with other development milestones. For example, it’s good to know that you can expect that your doctor can usually detect the baby’s heartbeat by weeks eight, nine, or 10. Remember that conception dates are not always precise. Don’t immediately be alarmed if you think your baby hasn’t developed fast enough — your conception date may be off by a week or two.

, There are many things you can do to help your baby’s heart to grow strong and healthy. During your pregnancy, avoid alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs. You should usually take folic acid supplements to help your baby develop.Eat a healthy diet and avoid caffeine.

, Even though you will be anxious to hear the fetal heartbeat, make sure that you know there are risks involved when using at home fetal heart monitors. The main drawback is that hearing a healthy heartbeat can lead to a false sense of security in expectant mothers. For example, if you are not feeling “right,” but can hear the heartbeat, you might put off going to the doctor. Make sure to listen to your body and contact your doctor at the first sign that something is wrong. Do not rely too heavily on at home monitors.In fact, having a monitor may actually increase your stress level.

, If your doctor agrees, make it a habit to be in tune with your baby’s heartbeat. This experience can be a great way for you to bond with your baby bump. To get into a relaxed state, try taking a warm bath and talking to your belly. When you are far along in your pregnancy, the baby will begin to respond to your voice and moods. Your baby can start to hear sounds at around 23 weeks.

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